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Animal Rescue and Medical Fund unfortunately had one of the former puppies that was adopted out last year returned due to a medical issue that the family could not handle. In September of last year, Bubbles started chewing at his feet. Initially, their vet thought it was skin allergies and they have been doing constant bandages changed since. His back feet are incredibly raw and he is very matted so his skin is very fragile right now.

We have already done some extensive testing to check for an autoimmune disorder but all his biopsies and lab test have come back with no significant findings.

Our vet team now believes the chewing may be due to nerve pain. He was born with several of his toes fused together so it is possible that the fusing of the toes causes him pain when walking. The pressure on his feet is not being distributed properly. We are in the process of setting up an orthopedic consult to see if our theory is correct.

We will update you all on what we find out! Despite Bubbles medical issues, he is such a happy boy and deserves to live pain free.



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