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Meet Buddy, or as he is loving refered to as Buddy Wyzer.  He is estimated to be 35 years old. Buddy was found in someone’s backyard in San Diego County and he was all alone in a small stall.  Needless to say, Buddy was extremely stand-offish and did not like people when he arrived at BWC2. It took about a year for Buddy to learn to trust and enjoy being around people. From 2016 to 2020 pre pandemic, Buddy aided in BWC2’s Kids Program. As of 2021 Buddy is retired but still a favorite with the kids and vets.  He will always have a home with BWC2.

Buddy has been diagnosed with Cushing’s (horse diabetes). He requires daily medication which is an about $100 a month.  Please consider a donation to help with his medical expenses.  Any help would be appreciated to keep our lovely boy healthy in his old age.



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