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Meet Buster!  Buster is now home, but needs our help.  This pup, weighing in at 110lbs, went missing in Ojai on the evening of July 4th due to the illegal fireworks being shot off in his neighborhood. Buster is 10 years old and had never been away from home. After spending 13 days in search of this big boy, which included countless flyers being put up, combing the river bottom, climbing boulders, and crossing creeks for many days, Buster was finally found on the morning of July 17th thanks to a family who heard howling and crying and went to check it out. Thinking it was a pack of coyotes, they realized it was actually a dog. They immediately called the Dog Days Team who had been working with his owner to find him. Dog Days Team member Jenny notified his owner and they both went out to confirm it was Buster.  It Was! Buster was noticeably in pain with foxtails in his paws and possibly dehydrated.  They were also able to see Buster had been surviving on what he could find to eat (yes…remains of a mountain lion attack). With Busters age, medical condition and all that had transpired a vet visit is an absolute necessity to ensure his health.  This is where you come in.  Buster needs your help to get the treatment and medication necessary to ensure he builds back his strength and heals from his wildlife adventure.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help Buster. His initial quote for labs and meds is quite steep for his owner alone at the moment. We are doing all we can to help Buster right now!



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