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Hanks Legacy was contacted by a good sam who watched a poor little white dog get hit by a car twice in south LA. The good sam was not able to cover her vet costs, and started to look for a rescue to help. When we got Charlotte, she was a mess. Her fur was so matted she had leaves and bugs stuck in her. After a shave, and three baths, we could finally see the sweet girl we had underneath all that fur. We took her to the vet the next morning where we did Xrays and bloodwork. Her Xrays showed no major breaks or internal bleeding. We were thrilled! However, her pain was extreme, and it was determined she likely had a pelvic fracture that would require time and rest to heal. As we have gotten to know Charlotte, we have learned that she is probably only a year old, and is just SO sweet. She has some separation anxiety now that she is safe and in foster, but we will continue to work through that. We have another vet appointment coming up to retake xrays to make sure nothing was missed and everything still looks good. More to come on this sweet girl!


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