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Its never easy to see a dog extremely emaciated, but what makes it more difficult is when we know it was done at the hands of humans. Rescuers at Hanks Legacy Foundation were contacted about an emaciated “senior” Great Dane mix at the San Bernardino shelter. Upon receiving pictures and medical notes, it was assumed this dog was a little skinny and had some ticks. The medical notes from the shelter were vague to say the least, even though they had this boy in their care for multiple days. Its clear they did minimal medical care. When Copper was busted out of his jail, it was clear his condition was much more severe. Copper is skin and bones. Literally. You could count every bone in his back, ribs, hips, everywhere. Not only is his horrifically underweight, but there was also over 50 ticks still on his body, even though he received “tick treatment”. Copper also has clear signs that something had been around his neck for far to long due to a raw neck and a deep indentation in his fur. Rescuers have concluded that Copper was likely left tied to something outside for a very long time. Upon intake, Copper was brought to the vet where they did skin scrapes, blood work, tick born illness check, ear cytology and a heartworm check. Rescuers are still waiting for the results for most of those, but the main focus is getting the skin infection, ear infections, and his weight under control. It was also determined that Copper is probably 3-4 years old, and is definitely not a senior. At only 56 pounds, you can imagine the hunger Copper is feeling. However, at a high risk for bloat and refeeding syndrome, Copper is on a low fat small meal diet. Rescuers are sitting with Copper every 3 hours to give him his meals, and after each one, he asks for more. It is extremely frustrating that the shelter system can be so broken. Sweet copper is the definition of a lovebug and there is no excuse for why he was not cared for initially. Copper is now safe with rescuers and will need long term care to get him back to health. This kind boy has a long journey ahead of him, so if you are able to donate to his care, it would be appreciated beyond measure. Thank you so much for helping give Copper a second chance!



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