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Meed Deacon, He found himself in a very bad situation. He was hit by a car, but the good Samaritan who hit the beautiful Queensland Heeler brought him in to the Kern Animal Services.  Not knowing that animals do not get care at shelters unless a rescue takes them.

An URGENT PLEA went out from Kern Animal Services and the Eastwood Ranch Foundation, headed by Alison Eastwood, agreed to transport the 3 year old male dog and The Little Angels Project who will be providing assistance with surgery and care. He has a fracture to right humerus and left femur, has been put in a quicksplint to thoracic limb and one to left pelvic limb. He has no microchip or collar and no one has inquired about him. He is being transported by helicopter now and surgery will be performed ASAP to relieve his pain. The cost is estimated to be $4500 to fix the damage. If you can help, please make a donation today

Once healed he will be neutered and available for adoption from the Eastwood foundation.


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