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So this guy was an unexpected surprise we got when we went to Ventura county animal services to pull a puppy and some kittens. He was surrendered along with many other exotic reptiles but this big guy was not friendly at all and had a very bad tail injury. A good part of his tail is missing and we are still struggling with a tail infection so we will be taking him to an exotics vet to have it potentially Amputated at the tip. Fortunately  it is just the tip that is having problems healing and with time and more handling he is getting slightly more friendly. We dont know what the future looks like for this guy. Once he is healed he will need to go to someone who is experienced in taking care of these big guys as they can get upwards to 5ft in lengthen and require a tropical environment. For now he is being care for at the vet clinic and will be staying with us until he is fully healed.



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