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Meet Raider.  Animal Tracks lost one of our wolf hybrid ambassadors, Scout, unexpectedly, in February due to cancer.  His playmate, Keva, was heartbroken.  They are very social animals so they knew they had to find her a new playmate.  Animal Tracks reached out to friends to help them find one in need of rescue and they came across one that needed a new home outside of Little Rock, Arkansas.

They flew out there, got a large rental car, and picked him up. They made the trek through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to bring him home to Agua Dulce, California.  It was interesting spending two nights in different motel rooms with him!  🙂

His original owner chained him up and threw food out to him, he managed to break away and a lady found him wandering around in a convenience store parking lot a few months ago.  Recognizing him as a high content wolf hybrid, she knew he would be euthanized if he was captured by Animal Control, he went right to her so she took him home.  It’s a very small community where she is, and she located his owner and told him that she would take him to the vet and get his vaccinations, chipped and neutered and he could pay her back.  She did all that, but when she contacted him he said he was going through a divorce and couldn’t afford it so she could have him.  She kept him for a few months and took excellent care of him, but she knew that a sanctuary would be able to provide a better home for him, so she put the word out, and Animal Tracks was the sanctuary that would be perfect for him.

He is like lightning in a bottle, really extraordinary actually, given his beginnings, and he is going to make an excellent animal ambassador!  They are already taking him for hikes, he loves everybody, and introductions to Keva have begun!  He is only a year old and is going to be huge, they stop growing at 2 years old!  He is already a very loved member of the Animal Tracks family, come and meet him! Please donate to help Animal Tracks provide the best care for this handsome boy.


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