Susie and her Puppies

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Susie and her Puppies


Last week at the Apple Valley Animal Shelter while picking up a couple dogs, I saw Susie and her puppies. My heart broke for her. She was terrified, shaking, and growling at anyone who approached her. When I asked more questions, I was told that this girl was found in a ditch with her 6 puppies. Unfortunately, susie is completely blind from what appears to be extremely painful glaucoma. Her eyes are swollen and you can see the inflamation. During their intake exames, two of the puppies required euthanasia as one has an extreme cleft lip, and the other had a horrific umbilical infection from mom chewing it poorly. Mom and puppies are now in our care and mom is still extremely shut down. She has clearly had some trauma that has left her completely untrusting humans. We will continue to work with her and get her to trust us with time.Once she is more trusting, we will get her an eye appointment with a specialist to determine if her eyes can be saved or not.


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