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Sydney belongs to Jennifer Weak who is a hero in dog rescue. She is a part of (the amazing) Dog Days Search and Rescue here in Ventura County. She has been so instrumental in reuniting so many lost dogs with their owners. She has hiked through the hills, setting traps and cameras with her co-crew, trudged over fire burned and earth quaked areas, climbed fences and walls, maneuvered cactus patches and more….just to save a dog. She’s stood watch all night long and will drop anything (including Holidays) to jump on a rescue. All volunteer without pay. Her passion runs deep and 24/7. She also helps run 17 missing pet pages!
She has 3 pups of her own……her oldest is Syd at 14. Syd has also helped with rescue. Last year, she lost her sweet bulldog, Stella to cancer. Those bills are still being paid off…..Now, her sweet Syd was just diagnosed with cancer and needs chemotherapy. These treatments are not cheap and any help would be appreciated. She’s helped so many…


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