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Animal Rescues & Shelters

We have taken the guess work out of vetting organizations that are doing amazing rescue work caring for homeless and sick animals, so you know that every dollar is being utilized for the animals.  Money donated will help these local non-profits to continue with their purpose without having to take the time away from doing the hard work of saving animals to fundraise.

The following groups have been vetted by Furry Funding as having met our stringent requirements.

General Fund

Donations to the general fund will be distributed to vetted organizations and animals who have expressed a specific need for funding.  This allows us the flexibility to donate to varied organizations that are doing amazing work saving animals. Many of these groups are small and do not have the resources to fundraise, so we are doing it for them.

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Veterinary & Medical Cases

Donating here will allow your funds to immediately assist animals who are in emergent need.  These donations will help seniors, sick and injured animals get back on their paws and find a loving home.

Spay and Neuter and Microchip Clinics